Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I've been struggling lately....I'm trying to figure out what specific area that I want to focus my business around. Some people focus just on hats or character hats, others it may be baby items but I'm trying to figure out what my niche would be. I love to make a lot of different things (some more than others) but I do know that I like the smaller, quicker projects. I tend to get bored with what I'm working on and start something new, and then not going back and finishing the other. And seeing all the new patterns on Ravelry and other places that I just want to try but just don't finish them. I also like to make things that are useful, hot pads, dish towels, cleaning stuff, card holders, wallets, baskets, small totes etc etc. I love amigurumi as well...LOL see I can go on and on.

My question is... How did you figure out what you wanted to make the most? Where you wanted to focus your time and energy on? I'd love to hear all the comments!


  1. When I started crocheting I went right in to amigurumi. I love making dolls more than anything. They offer so much room for creativity and personal touches. I love to make baby clothes and afghans, but dolls will always be what I go back to.

  2. I love amigurumi too! Its pretty cool to see them come to life when you add the final little details. I've thought of sticking mostly to that or maybe some little snugglies! part stuffed animal, part blanket :)